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The Trojan Technology Edge

The Trojan scientists and engineers have employed advanced computer modeling programs to design an ultra-efficient water chamber for the Trojan UVMax system. This highly evolved chamber optimizes hydraulic performance and enables Trojan UVMax to disinfect water even more potently than conventional UV systems do – all the while delivering exceptional energy efficiency.


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Moreover,  Trojan is the first company to build high-output UV lamp technology into residential and commercial UV water treatment systems. Smaller and more powerful than their predecessors, these lamps have allowed Trojan to design Trojan UVMax to fit in compact areas, saving you installation space.

For ease of handling, the lamp and protective quartz sleeve are designed as one component, but can be replaced separately.


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Fortunately, you do not have to gamble with anyone’s health. By installing a Trojan UVMax system – an independently validated disinfection solution – you will effectively destroy microbial contamination… along with any health risks.